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A Prayer For An End To Worry


Earlier today, I discovered this prayer in a “Healing and Hope” prayer book published by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. It may very well be the BEST prayer that I’ve ever seen on the subject of worry. If you’re worried about something, I recommend that you pray the following words from your heart. And if you’re someone who has a tendency to worry about lots of things, be sure to bookmark this page or print a copy. It’s really THAT good!

Prayer For An End To Worry
Jesus, you know I am a worrier. I don’t want to be. I believe that God, our Father, will take care of me, but sometimes I question the strength of my faith. Many times, I give my worries to You, and then I take them back. Help me to take control of those worries I can do something about and let go of the worries that are out of my hands. I fret about many things, yet from experience, I know that you take care of my needs. No matter what happens, I can count on You to be by my side. Still at times I am weak, questioning my own abilities, and before I know it, again I am worrying. You are my hope, Jesus and I trust You. Heal me of this weakness, Jesus. Give me peace of mind. Help me direct my energy to action, not worry. Amen.

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  1. kathi c. says:

    This is a great prayer, Gary and every word is exactly as I have lived and struggled with it! Going to print as a book mark for your A Worrier’s Guide to the Bible! Your book has helped my worry addiction – although admittedly it is an easy trap to slip back into. Thanks for sharing!

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