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A Visit With My Mom

Today I took my weekly ride to Philadelphia to visit my mother. When I arrived at her apartment she was happy to see me. We shared some laughs and overall she seemed to be quite jovial. It made me very happy to see her in such a good mood, because many times she is not so joyful. I realize that I’m very blessed to still have her. A little over a year ago, she needed to have a feeding tube inserted because she forgot how to eat. You see, my mother is suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease, doesn’t remember who I am and is basically unable to speak coherently.

Despite all of that, I know that God has her alive for a reason. It may be for my benefit, it may be for her benefit, it may be for the benefit of my kids. I accept the fact that I may never fully understand what that reason is. I just know that her life is worth every bit as much as yours, mine, a baby’s, an embryo’s or any other human’s. It’s unfortunate that our society doesn’t see it that way. We need look no further than our current United States president for an example. It’s his belief and the belief of many others that certain lives are worth more than others. Right now it’s mainly the unborn that are under attack, but rest assured that the elderly won’t be far behind. Whenever you hear the phrase “quality of life”, you can be pretty sure that someone is getting ready to make a decision that should be left to God.

Even though it makes me sad sometimes, I’m really blessed that my Mom is still alive. I’m also very thankful that she is still able to experience joy and laughter. I look forward to one day seeing my mother as I remember her, but until then, I’ll just keep doing what I’m supposed to be doing. After all, God doesn’t make mistakes!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Your mother has lovely hair.

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