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A Worrier’s Guide To The Bible – Coming Soon!


“While there have been many apologetics books written about defending and explaining various doctrines and beliefs, I don’t know of any book that tackles a topic so timely and familiar to so many of us. This book is a keeper; one to keep on the night stand or on the kitchen table, close enough to grab when we need that daily dose of knowing that God is nearer than we think.”

(Teresa Tomeo, from the foreword to A Worrier’s Guide To The Bible)

Here it is, my friends, the first look at the cover to my book A Worrier’s Guide To The Bible (Liguori Publications) which will be released in the Fall of 2012. As someone who is naturally prone to worrying, I can assure you that there is an alternative that will bring you peace. By opening up the Bible and letting God speak to you, His supernatural peace will descend upon you even in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations. Written in an easy-to-digest style suited for today’s busy lives, this book highlights 50 key Bible verses that can be used to combat anxiety. It is my prayer that this book will enable you to see the power of God’s written word in your own life.

Stay tuned for more information as the release date draws closer!


  1. Elizabeth Harebo says:

    Has the book been released?

    If so, where is it available?

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Hi Elizabeth – The book has been released and can be ordered at:

      God Bless,

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