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American Catholics Becoming More Liberal…It’s My Fault!

A recent Gallup Poll has concluded that there is virtually no difference between American Catholics and American non-Catholics on the moral acceptability of abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Furthermore, this poll concludes that American Catholics are more liberal than American non-Catholics on a number of moral issues. I suppose that I could use the line of reasoning that the clergy is at fault due to their lack of strong preaching, but I’m not going to use that argument. Instead, I’m here to confess that it’s MY fault that more Catholics are choosing to pick and choose their own moral beliefs. Now before you think that I’m being too hard on myself, please let me explain…

For many years I did virtually nothing to proclaim the truths of the Catholic Faith. I suppose I could defend my inactivity by saying that it’s tough to teach what you don’t know, but that’s only part of the problem. In addition to not understanding my Catholic Faith, I never felt a burning desire to educate others about the truths of the religion founded by Jesus Christ. I felt that as long as I went to Mass each week (even if I didn’t pay attention), I was doing my duty as a Catholic. Imagine my shock when I had a major conversion experience and realized that I was supposed to help educate others about the Faith. It was then that I came to the conclusion that I had a lot to learn and proceeded to investigate what the Catholic Church actually teaches.

I suspect that my story isn’t unique and that’s what motivated me to form the Catholic Truth lay apostolate. I wanted to provide a central location where Catholics could easily obtain information about the true teaching of the Church. I finally stopped blaming the clergy and religious and accepted the fact that they don’t live in my home or work in my office. I also came to the conclusion that there are far more lay Catholics than there are clergy and that we have a job to do. We need to educate those around us that it is not acceptable for a Catholic to practice artificial birth control, support pro-abortion candidates, engage in pre-marital sex, skip Mass on Sundays, or any other number of issues. If we start doing our job, then other Catholics are going to understand what the Church actually teaches. If they don’t agree, it’s not our problem – we did our part.

If you’re not sure about what Catholics believe, then visit our website ( and subscribe to our monthly email newsletter (visit our website to sign up – it takes about 5 seconds). If you already have a good understanding of Church teachings, then refer others to our website. I need your help to spread the “Good News” to those who don’t understand. If we all do our part, then Catholics will start to reclaim their identity and live their Faith. If we do nothing, one day we’ll have to explain our inactivity to God. I don’t want to tell anyone what to do, but I strongly recommend that you try to do something now…it might save you the embarrassment of one day having to admit that “it’s your fault”!

Read more about the Gallup Poll here (

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