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An Ordinary Man With An Extraordinary Mission

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Matthew, an apostle and author of one of the gospels. When the Lord chose him to be one of the twelve apostles, Matthew had no experience. He was a tax collector, a position not too popular among the Jewish people. Despite having no real qualifications, Matthew was chosen as one of the twelve men upon whom Christ would build His Church. Over 2000 years later, that Church still exists and Matthew’s gospel is still read all over the world. Furthermore, in that gospel and in that Catholic Church, we are able to directly encounter Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Each of us has some unique talent that can be used to advance the Kingdom of God. I’m sure that Matthew didn’t think he was a gifted evangelist and author, but with God’s help all things are possible. Why not ask the Lord how you can assist Him? Jesus will not force you. He simply says, “Follow me”. Matthew said “Yes”…What will you say?

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