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Ascension Thursday

Today the Church celebrates Our Lord’s Ascension into Heaven (A Holy Day of Obligation…Hope you made it to Mass!). Have you ever thought about how the Apostles must have felt at this time?

First of all, Our Lord told them that He would have to suffer and His followers would do the same. If they didn’t understand what this meant, I’m sure that His crucifixion drove the point home. Once He rose from the dead, they probably thought they “had it made”. For the next 40 days, things were a little more peaceful. Then He told them “I’m ascending to my Father…you guys take it from here” (I’m paraphrasing a bit!). Can you imagine what went through their minds?

In a way, we are in a similar position today. Even though Jesus still appears to us in The Blessed Sacrament (and also through His written word), He depends on us to actually speak for Him. Sometimes that puts us in a difficult position, especially when we say things that people don’t want to hear. Fortunately, as promised, He sends the Holy Spirit to assist us.

It is important for us to carry on The Lord’s mission and loudly proclaim His truth. It shouldn’t be that difficult as long as we stay united with the teachings of His Catholic Church, which is protected from error by the Holy Spirit. Those of us who are baptized can also call on that same Holy Spirit to give us the courage to speak out…

Even when it’s difficult.

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