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Baby Having Open Heart Surgery – Please Pray!

Baby Christian Campuzano, who I’ve blogged about over the past several weeks, will be undergoing open heart surgery on Tuesday, September 8th. Here are some details from his mother:

We finally have the plan set for Christian’s surgery tomorrow. It’s been kind of up in the air about what exactly they would do in the operation. Several doctors talked to me today and they have decided to take a fairly conservative route. They will open his chest and put a band around his pulmonary vessel which will limit the amount of blood that is flowing to his lungs. Right now, there is too much blood pumping to his lungs and not enough to the rest of his body. They want to see how he recovers and how well his body handles open-heart surgery before they go ahead with a more complex procedure. After he does recover from this surgery, they will either move on to the Stage 1 procedure, which is a 5 hour open heart surgery, or if he does not seem to respond well to surgery tomorrow they will have to do an alternative surgery. We are hoping he responds well and the doctors can move ahead into the stage 1 surgery. Tomorrow is going to be an extremely scary day for us as he goes into surgery. We will be able to hold him and have some time with him for about 30 minutes tomorrow, and I cannot wait to cuddle with my baby. It will be so special. We are not sure what time surgery will be because it depends on how long the operations before him take, but it will most likely be mid-morning. Please pray for him, especially tomorrow, that his little body will make it through!

Please keep Christian and his family in your prayers. Thank you and May God bless you for your thoughtfulness!

For more details about Christian, see the following website:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am the mother's sister and would just like to thank whoever posted this for our family. All the prayers we can get are desperately needed. Thanks again!

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