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Being Content With An Audience Of “One”

As I read the final chapter of Surprised By Canon Law – Volume 2 (Pete Vere & Michael Trueman) last week, I was struck by the authors’ closing words: “If the Holy Spirit uses these books to lead even one soul closer to heaven, we will consider our efforts worthwhile.” It made me stop and recall how many times I get so caught up in the numbers (how many Twitter followers, Facebook fans, newsletter subscribers, etc.), that I forget the reason I founded the Catholic Truth was to reach “one lost sheep”…Well, maybe two, three, several hundred, thousands, etc…

Taking it a step further, the late Fr. Al Lauer, the founder of Presentation Ministries (, used to say that if you’re doing the Lord’s work, you should be content to have an audience of “One” (that’s right…the “Big Guy”). If we’re really doing our work for the Lord, then the numbers shouldn’t matter because “Our Father who sees in secret” will repay us (Mt 6:4). If we’re too concerned about the numbers, maybe we’re actually doing the work for ourselves and not God.

Lord, thank you for communicating this message to me through the book, through Fr. Al’s recordings and through my good friend, Jerry Kohlbrand, who has appeared in my life at “just the right time”. May I always be content with an audience of You…and You alone!

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