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Being Hated For Christ…He Warned Us!

In Chapter 10 of Matthew’s Gospel, Our Lord has some strong words for His Apostles. After giving them their initial instructions, He states “You will be hated by all because of my name, but whoever endures to the end will be saved.” (Mt 10:22) The good news is that their endurance will bring about a happy ending, but the bad news is that what comes before that happy ending could be painful.

The Church teaches that we are all called to carry on the Apostles’ mission of spreading the “Good News” and it’s often a difficult task. Have you ever tried to inform someone that an activity they are engaged in goes against the teaching of The Church? No matter how gentle you are, you will usually be met with a reaction ranging from total indifference to extreme rage. Don’t feel bad…it happened to Jesus too.

Nowhere in the Gospels does Jesus tell us that being a Christian will be “one big party”. If we want to be followers of Christ and share in His mission, there is a price to be paid. The key is to “endure to the end” by charitably proclaiming the truth. By doing so, we may not only assist in saving the souls of others…we will hopefully save our own soul as well!

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