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Carrying Your Cross Through The Desert

All of us have been given a cross to carry. For some the cross involves illness while for others it may involve loneliness, financial difficulties or any number of other possibilities. We often feel the presence of The Lord while we are carrying our crosses and are comforted by a peace that helps to ease the pain. Even if we are suffering, we can feel that Jesus is right there helping us. But how do we handle those times when He is silent?

We have all experienced situations where we don’t feel The Lord’s presence at all. Feelings of discouragement and abandonment make it difficult to pray. When this occurs, we can become tempted to become angry at God. If we persevere, The Lord will often send help just when we’re at “the end of our rope”. Many times we make it through these experiences with a stronger faith. Once we are able to get our bearings, we realize that we were actually being called to a deeper relationship with God.

This is the fourth week of Lent. While we are still “in the desert”, we can begin to see the joyous celebration of The Lord’s Resurrection that lies ahead. During this week we will also celebrate the solemnity of the Annunciation, when the coming of the Savior was announced to Mary. Both of these events remind us that God is always there, even if we are unable to see Him in the darkness.

No matter how heavy your cross or how hot the desert, always remain focused on the joy that will accompany eternal life in Heaven. That joy will last forever; any suffering in this life is temporary. With that in mind, what earthly problem should be able to take away our peace?

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