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Dreaming About Padre Pio’s “House”

I had a very interesting dream last night. I dreamt that I was visiting Padre Pio’s house, which (in my dream) was a townhouse somewhere in New Jersey. There was an older woman giving me a tour and showed me a room where Padre used to hear confession. I started getting excited about the prospect of meeting the great saint, but then I remembered that he was no longer alive. After the tour, the woman proceeded to give me several sets of rosary beads blessed by Padre Pio. As I held them in my hands, my eyes filled up with tears as I realized that they were blessed by a saint. I woke up shortly thereafter, but had a “good” feeling.

Now before you think I’m a nut (I know…too late!), I’m not insinuating that this dream was some sort of a message from Padre Pio or God. It could have come from any number of random thoughts in my head. What I can say is that the dream reminded me to ask for Padre Pio’s intercession for the healing of Christian Campuzano (see blog entries from a few days ago) and also to post his quote of “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry” on Twitter. Two people picked up on this quote and decided to “re-tweet” it. Therefore, because of this “crazy” dream, Padre Pio had the opportunity to work in some people’s lives.

Even though this dream had some silly details, I can’t rule out that it was a message from God. Whatever the explanation, some good came out of it and I’m glad that I didn’t just ignore it. So the next time you have a dream, get an idea, hear something, etc. you might want to consider how it may pertain to your life…Acting on the idea just might bring about some good!


  1. Living by the Little Way says:

    I stumbled across your blog by accident. We in fact have St. Pio's House of Hope in Rockingham West Australia and it is a house for Pregnant women in need. We have built a grotto with St. Pio holding the baby Jesus which was given from a friend who went to San Giovanni Rotundo and in front of the grotto is three round paving slabs with the words Pray Hope and Do Not Worry. The house is attached to The Holy Family House of Prayer. God Bless you and your work for God. Patty

  2. caroline says:

    hi i also had a dream of padre pio..i walked in to this room and he was sitting there, then as he walked out he told me not to worry aboth the xray ..(confused) also i think at the start of dream something evil was in my dream but it dident potray it self as padre pio

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