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Equality in God’s Kingdom…

One of the difficult realities about this life is that some people are considered “more important” than others. Celebrities make more money and achieve greater fame than the average individual. Donald Trump doesn’t have to worry if he has enough money to heat his house in the winter. Paris Hilton doesn’t need to get a part-time job to make ends meet. Barack Obama wouldn’t be required to wait in long lines if he took his family to Disney World. Jon and Kate Gosselin have received many “freebies” for their family, simply because they’re famous.

Fortunately, the Kingdom of God doesn’t work this way. You and I, the homeless man, the unborn child, the elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the prisoner on death row, Pope Benedict XVI, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Barack Obama and the Gosselins are all equal in God’s eyes.

While it may be impossible for me to speak with Donald Trump or Paris Hilton, I know that I can speak directly to Our Lord and Savior at any moment of the day, no matter where I may be. He always has time for me. Furthermore, I know that, as a Catholic, I can receive His actual Body in the Holy Eucharist on a daily basis!

I don’t know about you, but I find that very comforting.

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