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Every Child Brings Us God’s Smile

There are many people in the world who attempt to turn the issue of abortion into a matter of choice or “women’s rights”. For whatever reason, these individuals try to divert attention from the murderous act that is taking place. Sadly, many well meaning people fall for this lie and are fooled into believing that abortion is some kind of a “right”. The following is an essay by my 11 year old niece, Meghan Glass. She is a sixth grade student at Trenton Catholic Academy in Trenton, NJ. This composition won Third Place in the Diocese of Trenton’s Essay Contest for the topic “Every Child Brings Us God’s Smile”. Meghan exhibits a great understanding of the importance of every life and reminds us that there really is no such thing as an “unwanted” child. There are many adults who could learn a lot by reading Meghan’s work…don’t you agree?

God made us all and every child is special to Him. He loves each and every one of us. He provides us with all we need and takes care of us. In His eyes, everyone is special. Each one of His children is important to Him.

Every child should be treated the right way – with respect. That means that no child should be abused or hurt in any way and every child should be treated equally because we are all God’s children. I believe that each child in the world should be treated respectfully and not be ignored or abused. God loves each child alike and in God’s eyes no one is more important or special than anyone else. God knows that all of us are special in our own way. God loves everyone.

God also calls each of us to love one another and obey His commandments. One of those commandments is “Thou shall not kill.” Abortion disobeys this commandment. It is wrong because by doing or having an abortion you are destroying a life that God has created.

Adoption is a good alternative to abortion. I was adopted. My Mom and Dad tell me I am a gift from God. When I was exactly six months old to the day, I came home. That was Monday, October 5, 1998. Adoption is a wonderful thing and I know I have brought God’s smile to my Mom and Dad!

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  1. Veronica says:

    This is amazing and insightful. Thanks!

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