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Happy Anniversary, Eileen!

Yesterday, we celebrated the holiday of Thanksgiving. Even though I try to thank the Lord for my blessings each day, sometimes I get so caught up in “living life” that I don’t do a good job. Thanksgiving Day always causes me to contemplate God’s many gifts in my life and offer Him a profound “thank you”.

One of my greatest blessings occurred in the year 1993, when I met my future wife, Eileen. We instantly “hit it off” and she quickly became – and still is – my best friend. Sixteen years ago, on this day, we stood before Our Lord and became man and wife. Although we have encountered some difficulties in our lives, our love has always remained strong and, through the graces received in the Sacrament of Marriage, we have been able to deal with the “ups and downs” of daily life.

Eileen – Thanks for giving me more happiness than I ever dreamed possible. Each day, you express your love for us by your actions. You are the “heart” of our home and we all love you very much. You have taught me a lot about loving Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. I am grateful for your example, your love, your humor, your friendship and…

You’re really cute!!!

Thanks for marrying me. I definitely got the better end of this deal!

I Love You!!!

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