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Hello, Amarillo!

Today at 12 Noon Central, I’ll have the pleasure of visiting with Sister Miriam Grady on her radio program, Catholics In Action.   I’ve been on the show in the past and I’m looking forward to catching up with Sister Miriam and sharing the “Good News” of the Catholic Faith with my brothers and sisters in the Amarillo area.

We’ll speak about my transformation from a lukewarm Cradle Catholic to someone “on fire” for Jesus Christ, how I’m actually mentioned in the Bible (sort of…Rev 3:15-16), my encounter with the Lord on the road to Emmaus (I was the unmentioned 3rd disciple who walked beside Jesus and never knew it!) and my advice for getting closer to Christ.

For more information about Saint Valentine Catholic Radio and the good work they do in the Texas Panhandle, visit their website.

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