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My Wife – A Great Blessing!

On this day 15 years ago, I was blessed to marry my beautiful wife, Eileen. At the time of our wedding, I was 35 years old and had pretty much assumed that I would remain single. I had very high standards and didn’t think anyone could meet them. I also dated very infrequently and didn’t have a lot of confidence around women. I prayed constantly to meet a woman with whom I could start a family, but it started to seem that God wanted me to remain single. I began to embrace my Catholic Faith more and even asked the Lord if he was calling me to the priesthood, but I didn’t receive a positive response. Miraculously, the Lord sent Eileen to me one day, although not without some complications. She was involved in another relationship and I questioned why the Lord would let me meet someone who was so perfect, yet unavailable.

However, the Lord specializes in the miraculous and often calls us to trust even when it doesn’t make sense. Eileen and I became great friends and I discovered that she was in the process of ending the previous relationship. We both knew that we were meant for each other and eventually began dating. After only a few months we knew that we should be together and got engaged. Less than a year later, we were standing before God at St. John Neumann parish in Mt. Laurel, NJ proclaiming our marriage vows. Despite some infertility issues and some very serious pregnancy issues, the Lord has blessed us with two very visible signs of the love that Eileen and I have for each other –our 12 year old twins, Mary and Elizabeth.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am very grateful for the gift of my precious wife. She is a woman of strong faith and has helped me to grow much closer to Our Lord. Together, we travel the road which will hopefully lead us to the Lord in heaven. I can never fully express to her my appreciation for giving up her own career aspirations in order to be a stay at home Mom and raise our family. Eileen is incredibly supportive of my work with The Catholic Truth and gives me the encouragement to keep going when it gets difficult. She is my hero and I want everyone to know how much I love her.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart…I Love You!!!


  1. Ms. Jan says:

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving, you both obviously have so much to be thankful for!

  2. Ms. Melissa Session says:

    How unbelievably beautiful.

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