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Obama Believes Some Lives More Important Than Others

In case there’s any doubt about my feelings, let me be very clear; Barack Obama, the man who is hailed as a civil rights champion and the “fulfillment of Martin Luther King’s dream”, clearly believes that some human lives are worth more than others. The man who somehow convinced 54% of Catholic voters to vote for him based upon a vague “social justice” program is set the repeal the Bush administration’s ban on embryonic stem cell research on Monday. That clearly indicates that the lives of the Michael J. Fox’s, Christopher Reeve’s, Ronald Reagan’s and other people afflicted with various ailments mean more to him then the human lives that will be sacrificed in the unproven process known as embryonic stem cell research.

Despite his admission of not knowing when life begins (“it’s above my pay grade”), he has no reservations about murdering the embryos anyway. Why? Because those lives mean less to this man than others. It’s plain to see that those embryos do not have civil rights in the eyes of Barack Obama. He and all the other people can tap dance all they want about embryos and fetuses not being human, but modern science directly contradicts that claim. Also remember that one of the reasons that Adolph Hitler was able to justify murdering 6 million Jews was that he considered them to be sub-human. In case you haven’t noticed, that’s one of the main arguments used to justify abortion and stem cell research.

I am not surprised by any of Obama’s actions, but I believe that some people who voted for the man (especially Catholics) will feel betrayed over the course of the next four years. I could say “we told you so”, but instead I’d like to suggest that you begin to pray and get involved in the pro-life movement. We also need to pray for Obama and all pro abortion politicians to be converted to a position that respects all lives.

Obama is just getting started and what we’ve seen so far is not pretty. That’s why it’s more important than ever to pray and get involved. The lives of millions of helpless, unborn children are at stake. They need us to get involved and peacefully fight for them. There is no doubt in my mind that God is on our side and we will be victorious one day. We must never quit until the lives of all of our brothers and sisters are protected “from womb to tomb”!

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