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Obama, Jenkins and Notre Dame – The Final Word (For Now…)

I wasn’t going to address the Notre Dame fiasco again, but I heard some more pro-Obama comments from Catholics and I felt obliged to say a few things. As Catholics, there can be no compromise when it comes to murder. Obama’s attitude of “let’s compromise, but we’re going to keep abortion legal” doesn’t cut it…

Babies are being brutally murdered every day!

Father Jenkins and all other Catholics who make the ridiculous assertion that Jesus would compromise on this issue are being foolish. Of course Jesus reached out to sinners, but He always told them to repent. In this case, I can guarantee He’d say to Obama…

Stop approving of the murder of babies and we’ll talk!

Catholics need to stop the foolishness, get a backbone and speak out against abortion. Don’t be afraid to offend people. You don’t need to call anyone names or get too personal, but please don’t fall for the empty rhetoric being spewed by those who want to keep abortion legal. This isn’t about being judgmental, this is about saving lives…

Babies are being brutally murdered every day!

Famous Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin (who is calm, level headed and brutally honest) recently stated this on his blog (

Anyone who favors babykilling on demand should not be honored by a Catholic institution. Period.

Any Catholic university official who honors such an individual deserves to be removed from his position. Period.

I can’t say it any better. Please take the time to learn exactly what abortion is. Email us at and we’ll point you in the right direction. Above all, don’t hesitate to speak out about the evil of abortion…

Babies are being brutally murdered every day!

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