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Obedient Or Mindless?

There are 2 common themes that I hear from those who decide that they can ignore the teachings of the one, true, Church founded by Jesus: 1. That God wants us to use our free will and intellect to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. 2. That those of us who are obedient to the Catholic Church are mindless followers who can’t think for themselves.

For those who hold this position, I would honestly like to know your basis for this belief. For example, is there scriptural support for your position? Was it taught in the early Church? Also, how do you handle the situation when two individuals disagree on a serious moral issue (such as abortion or euthanasia)? Can you both be right even though you hold opposite positions?

For those who believe (as I do) that when we obey the Church we obey Christ…are you a “mindless follower” or are you being obedient out of love for the Lord?

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