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Opening “Unlocked” Doors

Last night, I had the privilege of organizing a Knights of Columbus “Rosary for an End to Abortion” at my parish. As the newly appointed Respect Life chairman for my council I felt that it was important to sponsor this event. If someone told me a year ago that I would be a member of the Knights, let alone organizing a rosary event, I would have told them that they were crazy!

For the past few years I’ve been trying to discern how I can best serve The Lord. I can assure you that none of my ideas had anything to do with a blog, website, email newsletter or the Knights of Columbus. However, all of the doors that I thought I was supposed to enter were locked. It took me a while to get the hint, so I tried repeatedly and things still didn’t work out. I tried to figure out why my chosen methods of serving God weren’t succeeding and I tried harder. This only resulted in increased frustration, as things still didn’t fall into place.

In the meantime I kept getting invited to join the Knights , but wasn’t interested. I finally decided to join, if only to appease the person who wanted to make me a member. I further decided that I would pay my dues, but not get too involved because it “wasn’t my thing”. Eventually I did get more involved and was asked to become the Respect Life chairman. At this point I began to see that this position would allow me to do much good for the pro-life movement. As I got more involved with the Knights, I understood what a great Catholic organization they were.

My Internet apostolate also came about in a similar way. I got frustrated about the recent presidential elections and the fact that so many Catholics were voting for a pro-abortion candidate. I wished that I had a website so that I could inform Catholics of what the Church really teaches. I stumbled onto a website host that was affordable and easy to use and I soon had a website (, followed by a newsletter and a daily blog. Things just fell into place and almost immediately I was interacting with Catholics throughout the world.

I suspect that there may be some others like me who are trying to serve God in a particular way, but things aren’t working out. Every door that you try is locked. I recommend that you look around and make sure that there are no “unlocked” doors that you could enter.

If you find one, try entering it…

The Lord may be waiting there for you!

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