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Please Pray For Jim

Over the past several months I’ve been following the saga of Jim (a.k.a. po18guy), a regular poster on the Catholic Answers Forums. Last year Jim was diagnosed with lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system) and has been courageously battling the disease, while at the same time inspiring those of us who have come to know him online. His total submission to God’s will and positive outlook on life has been a great lesson to many. A few months ago it appeared that the painful chemotherapy treatment had miraculously eliminated the cancer from his body.

Unfortunately, the doctors have now discovered that Jim’s cancer has returned and have started a treatment plan using experimental drugs. I would kindly ask you all to remember this brave and holy man in your prayers and spread the word to anyone else that you know. Also, please pray for his wife and children during this difficult time.

The following links will allow you to read Jim’s comments on the battle that he continues to face. I guarantee that you will be inspired…

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