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President Obama And The Miraculous Medal?

An interesting picture has been popping up on the Internet over the past few days. Originally appearing in the June 2008 issue of Time magazine, this photo illustrates the “good luck charms” carried by President Obama. Most Catholics will immediately recognize the Miraculous Medal (indicated by the red arrow) in the hand of the current US president.

While it can be argued that Obama simply views it as a good luck charm (he also carries around some sort of a monkey god!) or a means to attract Catholic support (another theory that appeared on the Internet), it serves as a reminder that The Blessed Mother is also watching over Obama. By contemplating this, we can remember to continually pray for his conversion. It is not impossible for him to become pro-life someday. Even though it would require a miracle, it could happen.

Continue to ask Mary to intercede for President Obama in the hope that he may one day realize that abortion is murder. Over time, if you become discouraged, remember that the Miraculous Medal got its name due to the numerous miracles that occurred by those who sought Our Lady’s help. She was present at Jesus’ first miracle (the wedding at Cana) and she could easily be present for miracle of Obama’s conversion!

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