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Printer Update

After several more failed attempts to fix my malfunctioning printer, I called HP support tonight. I must admit that I didn’t have high hopes, but I was out of options. My fears were confirmed when I was transferred to 3 people in 20 minutes, all of whom had heavy Indian accents. Finally, I got to speak with a printer technician named Arajit who seemed very willing to help me. As he attempted to diagnose my problem, we spoke about the weather, the time difference and made other small talk. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience. Even more pleasant was the fact that he was able to fix my printer!

If last night’s prayer was answered immediately and I was able to fix my printer, I wouldn’t have been able to practice being patient, to recognize that a broken printer wasn’t really that big of a problem and I would have missed out on a nice conversation with a man in another country.

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me something new every day! Oh, and by the way, please bless my friend Arajit in India this evening… I was really able to see you at work in his kindness to me.

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