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Serving God…On His Terms

Most of us have ideas about how we can best serve The Lord. For some, it results in a vocation to the priesthood, diaconate or religious life. For others, it involves being a member of the laity. Within those groups there are numerous ministries or charisms that can be pursued, thus allowing one to serve God in different ways.

From time to time, we all run into situations where we feel we should be doing something with our life, but it just “doesn’t work out”. Even though we pray and attempt to discern God’s will, certain obstacles prevent us from pursuing the path that we have chosen to become closer to God. In following our own chosen road, we sometimes reject the circumstances or opportunities that are attainable.

As an example, many times I have been unable to attend daily Mass, attend Church functions or even pray as much as I’d like, because of work or family obligations. I often get irritated and wish that the circumstances in my life we different. Eventually, I come to the realization that God wants me to find Him in the daily responsibilities and duties that I have been given. It is then that I realize how selfish I can be. I want to choose how I will serve The Lord, instead of letting Him tell me where He needs me to be.

When I struggle with this (as I often do), I remember the words of St. Teresa of Avila when she said, “It would be a terrible thing if God were to be telling us plainly to go about His business in a certain way and we would not do it, but instead stood gazing at Him because that gave us greater pleasure.”

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