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Spiritual Exercises – Day 6

Today’s meditation focused on the reality of hell…IT EXISTS!

Saint Ignatius recommends that we meditate on the following 5 points, using our senses to vividly picture and experience the reality of hell:

First Point. The first Point will be to see with the sight of the imagination the great fires, and the souls as in bodies of fire.

Second Point.
The second, to hear with the ears wailings, howlings, cries, blasphemies against Christ our Lord and against all His Saints.

Third Point.
The third, to smell with the smell smoke, sulphur, dregs and putrid things.

Fourth Point.
The fourth, to taste with the taste bitter things, like tears, sadness and the worm of conscience.

Fifth Point. The fifth, to touch with the touch; that is to say, how the fires touch and burn the souls.

Tomorrow’s Topic
: Death

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