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St. Catherine Of Siena – Loving The Church

Today, the Church celebrates the memorial of St. Catherine of Siena (1347 – 1380). It would be very beneficial if more Catholics imitated this great woman and her love for the Church. It seems that nowadays everyone, including many Catholics, make up their own rules for following God. Unfortunately, this method bears little resemblance to the teachings of Christ to His original disciples. Jesus very clearly laid down the commandments that were necessary for His followers. He then granted the Apostles the authority to carry on in His name.

St. Catherine deeply loved the Pope, of whom she wrote, “Anyone who refuses to obey the Christ on earth, who is in the place of Christ in Heaven, does not participate in the fruit of the blood of the Son of God.” This powerful statement serves to remind us of the importance of the Papacy and reminds us that obedience to the Holy Father and the Church is the same thing as obeying Christ.

Today, let’s ask St. Catherine to help us love and respect Holy Mother Church as much as she did. Let’s also ask The Lord to increase our devotion to our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. In doing so we will fulfill the commands of Jesus Christ, who founded our Church over 2000 years ago.

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