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St. Peter & St. Paul – Unlikely Pillars of The Church

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of St. Peter and St. Paul, arguably the two most important men in the growth of the early Church. Despite having numerous personal weaknesses, God used them to guide the early Church. Looking at the history of these men offers strong proof that God can “write straight with crooked lines”.

If you and I had to choose the man to lead the Church as the first Pope, would we have picked Peter? Didn’t he deny knowing Jesus not once, but three times? Where was he when Our Lord was being crucified? The Apostle John was present at the crucifixion…wouldn’t he have been a better choice? And why did God choose Paul to spread the Faith to the Gentiles? While known as Saul, he was a notorious persecutor of Christians. What did God see in him?

Despite the fact that these choices may not make sense to us, they made sense to God. When we look back on it, these two men were excellent choices. The Church that they built has endured for over 2000 years and isn’t going anywhere. This tells me that, despite all of my weaknesses, God can use me to advance His Kingdom. I just need to trust Him and ask for the grace to do His will. And guess what? He needs each one of you too! You each have unique talents possessed by no one else. Don’t worry about your faults and weaknesses. Peter and Paul had plenty of those and look how God used them. Why not turn your life over to The Lord and allow Him to use your unique skills to help spread the “Good News”? With God in charge, the results may surprise you!

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