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St. Thomas The Apostle – From Doubt To Belief

St. Thomas the Apostle, whose feast the Church celebrates today, is probably best known for his refusal to believe the other disciples when they informed him of their encounter with the risen Christ (Jn 20:24 -29). But did “Doubting” Thomas (as he is often called) really have a weak faith or was he just being cautious?

I would propose that nothing Thomas did indicated that his faith was lacking. While he did tell the other disciples that he needed proof of the Resurrection, as soon as Our Lord appeared and allowed him to touch His wounds, Thomas proclaimed “My Lord and My God”! Jesus was all the proof that he needed.

Most of us have questioned elements of the Catholic Faith from time to time. It is a characteristic of being human and should not be considered wrong. However, what we do with our doubts is very important. Do we allow Jesus to enlighten us by studying the teachings of our Faith as presented by His Church? When we find the Church’s answer do we obey or do we ignore it?

Thomas questioned, but believed as soon as he encountered Christ. Can the same be said for us?

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  1. rachael says:

    when i have doubts,i go away an pray,an be still an read the bible,it always works.

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