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The Lord Is Still Calling

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending our monthly parish men’s group. The featured speaker was “Bob”, one of our members who is beginning the discernment process for a vocation to the permanent diaconate. Bob told his story, which was truly inspirational. The thing that touched me the most is how clearly The Lord has called this man. Starting with a vivid dream and supported by some “out of the blue” encouragement by his wife, God appears to be calling another man to serve His Church.

While it’s always possible that the discernment process will reveal that Bob is actually called to serve The Lord in another way, I find it encouraging that he is answering the call and considering the possibility of becoming a deacon. What’s even more encouraging for me is his love for the magisterial teaching of The Church and desire to serve others.

The Lord calls us all to serve Him in various ways. We all need to follow the example of Bob and try to determine our particular calling. Some are called to spread the love of Christ to their families and co-workers, while others are called to various forms of religious life. The important thing to remember is that we should prayerfully attempt to discern The Lord’s plans for our lives.

Please keep Bob and his family in your prayers as he begins this important journey. I would personally love to see him become a permanent deacon because I know he’ll be a good one, but I realize that the decision is between Bob and God.

By the way, if you ever find yourself thinking that God is no longer calling men to serve Him in the clerical state, don’t worry…

After listening to Bob’s testimony I can assure you that He’s still calling!

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