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The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Today’s liturgical celebration dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus reminds us of God’s love, for which man yearns intensely. It shows us that the practical response to this love is the keeping of God’s commandments in our daily lives. God does not intend that they should grow dim in our memory but that they should remain forever impressed on people’s consciences so that, knowing and keeping the commandments, they “might have eternal life”.

– Pope John Paul II; Address at Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus from June 6, 1999

Today, as we celebrate the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the words of our late Holy Father still apply. Are we responding to Our Lord’s love by obeying His commandments? If you’re like me, there are areas that need improvement. Today would be a good day to reflect on those areas and devise a plan to correct them.

Read the full text of Pope John Paul II’s address at:

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