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The Security Of Childhood…

Today at Mass, as we sang Immaculate Mary, I was suddenly transported back some 40 years to Maternity BVM elementary school in Philadelphia. I saw my friends John, Cheryl, Jim, Emilio and Brian as we stood in line singing hymns to the Blessed Mother at the May Procession. Times were much simpler then and I had a whole lot less to worry about. I felt safe and secure knowing that my parents would provide for all of my needs.

It’s more difficult to experience that feeling of security today, although it can still be found. The key is to accept that my Heavenly Father, my brother Jesus, and my Blessed Mother will provide for all my physical and spiritual needs. While it’s easy to say, it’s sometimes hard to put into practice. I’m really going to try and do that today.

Incidentally, all of those classmates that I mentioned are among my Facebook friends. I think I’m going to reach out today and connect with a few of them…the Lord may have been trying to tell me something!

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