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Thoughts For Holy Saturday

We don’t know where the Apostles were that evening while the Body of Christ was being buried.  Perhaps they were hovering around, disoriented and confused: aimless, distraught, filled with sadness. (Francis Fernandez, In Conversation With God – Volume 2)

One of the advantages we have over the Apostles is that, on this Holy Saturday, we KNOW that the Lord rose from the dead on the 3rd day.  Two thousand years ago, the Apostles didn’t know for sure what would happen.  As followers of Christ, the past three years of the lives could have been wasted, their lives would be in danger, the minds were confused – Didn’t we see Jesus perform miracles?  Didn’t He tell us that He was the Son of God?  What went wrong?

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord.  It was the final step in allowing us to be able to live eternally in Heaven.  Today, we wait – secure in the knowledge that Jesus DID rise from the dead.  Spend some time meditating on what the Apostles were thinking on this day…and then offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the event that we’ll celebrate tomorrow!

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