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Trusting When It Doesn’t Make Sense

As we continue our journey through the season of Lent, the readings from today’s Mass provide us with some excellent spiritual nourishment. In the First Reading, The Lord tells Abram that he will have many descendents. Specifically, he is told “Look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can. Just so,” He added, “shall your descendants be.” (Gen 15:5) In the Great Adventure Bible Study, Jeff Cavins points out something very interesting about this passage. Upon reading a little further (Gen 15:12), we see that “the sun is about to set”. When God asked Abram to look into the sky and count the stars, it was daytime! Despite the fact that he and his wife were both advanced in years and not even being able to see the stars during the day, Abram believed in God’s promise (Gen 15:6).

In the Second Reading, St. Paul cautions against those whose minds are occupied with earthly things (Phil 3:19), instead reminding the Philippians that their citizenship is in Heaven. Even though we currently live on the earth, God created all of us to ultimately live with Him in His Kingdom.

In the Gospel (Lk 9:28-36), Jesus takes Peter, James and John up on the mountain and allows them to experience a glimpse of Heaven. This event, commonly referred to as the Transfiguration, occurred just after He told them of His upcoming death. By seeing Our Lord in all of His glory, the Apostles are provided with a look at “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

While struggling through our day to day problems, it’s important to “keep one eye on Heaven”. No matter how difficult life seems to us, we need to remember that our earthly life isn’t the end of the story. Sometimes, like Abram, the Philippians, and the Apostles, it’s difficult to see the “big picture”, but that’s why it’s called “faith”. Is it easy to believe in things that we can’t see? No way…but we can ask God to increase our faith and continue to trust in His perfect will for our lives. While His answer may not be as dramatic as what was experienced by the Apostles, He will give you the grace that you need. In the meantime, continue to trust in His providence…even though it may not make sense!

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