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Your Comments About The Lenten Radio Retreat


I thought you might enjoy hearing what people have been saying about the Following The Truth Lenten Radio Retreat. When you read these comments, it’s obvious that the Holy Spirit is at work!

I originally signed up for your retreat because I do fear so many things and have for several years. But I love your retreat because the things you focus on seem to go so much deeper than that, although I realize that this is exactly how you overcome the fears. Gotta get on with my day but know that I have gotten so much out of your retreat.

Listening to your retreat talks has opened a new way of looking at the “what if’s” in my life, especially at this time with my husband’s cancer. Every day the devil uses tools on me like: I should be doing more to help him or you are going to be so lonesome if something happens to him. I listened to a short talk today on your archives of a show on the 5 ways to help the troubled heart. You’re so right that during this Lenten retreat (and after) we will get to know God in such a way as never before. I feel like i have a new friend that I can talk to. Thank you for being who you are and sharing with us your love for God.

I have to say thank you again so very much for the work you do and especially this retreat. I have to admit, I feel God more these days; I suppose I am more aware of His presence and my need to rely on Him when I am in need.I also have to thank you once again for the examination of conscience. I am still feeling the graces of confession (almost a whole week later!) By the grace of God, I am more aware of my failings but find myself relying on His grace more to get through the difficult moments when all I want to do is give up. I’ll admit I’ve fallen in the last week since confession but through prayer and God’s grace, I am able to focus again on the Lord and drown out the voice of the evil one who delights in my failures.

I’ve been following the retreat from day 1. Thanks to your encouragement. I went to reconciliation last week. It had been over a year since my last one. The retreat has been a great tool for this Lenten season. When I get paid, I plan on making a donation. God Bless!

Thank you for your work, especially your show!

I am Indonesian now living in China. I just start listen to your podcast. Please subscribe me to the mailing list as u mentioned in your podcasts. Thank you for all what you do. God bless u.

My negative comment was going to be “I just listened to your show on root sins and realized that I’m a horrible person!” but maybe it could be a positive instead, so let me try again: I just listened to your show on root sins, and I’m going to take all that to my next confession and hopefully dig up some of the smaller rocks (to use the analogy of the farmer moving rocks so he could sow the soil). Really, that was a tough show. I had a suspicion about my root sin but when I found myself tearfully saying “yes, yes, yes” to every single question in that category, I knew it for sure. I have had a hard time making a clear examination of conscience and lately I have felt like there is a hard shell around my innermost sins and I can’t quite get to them. (I do hope that makes sense, it’s hard to put into words.) If I could just break through that hard shell – caused by ignorance of my root sin and the snares I’ve fallen into because of it – I could make a very clear examination of conscience and a great confession. I rarely leave the confessional with that “whew, what a load off” feeling that I used to get and maybe now I know why. I know you said that show would be difficult, but maybe I didn’t completely believe you! It really was rough, but I am extremely grateful that I heard it, and even more grateful that I can listen to it again if I need to in order to help it really sink in. I added the book you were using to my Amazon wish list. I need to set up my keyboard so when I push a single button, it will type out “thanks again for a great show,” because I think I might be saying it a lot more! 🙂

I just want to say, thank you once again for your show. Although today’s show was painful not because I didn’t know I am a sinner but because it breaks my heart to know that I have failed him who I profess to love above all, so much. Please keep me in your prayers as I struggle each day to ignore the devil and open my heart more and more to the Lord (I feel the devil has really been on my tail lately for some reason).

Your show on Day 7 was fascinating. I have heard a lot about finding your predominate fault, or as I’ve heard it called, your “root sin,” and I honestly couldn’t figure out if it was a real Catholic thing or if it was just another thing to be scrupulous about. The way you described it FINALLY made it click for me after learning about it last year. Thank you!

Pretty powerful, isn’t it? I’d like to thank all of you for participating in this effort. Hang in there, because the best is yet to come! This week we’ve started to look at how to conquer our bad habits. If you haven’t joined in yet, it’s still not too late. Just tune in to Following The Truth on BlogTalkRadio at 8 PM Eastern to get started. You can also listen to current or previously aired podcasts at your convenience. There’s still time to make this Lent a VERY productive one!

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